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Book Review: Robbie

Title: Robbie

Author: Ella Frank

Rating: 4.25 stars


This trilogy starts off where the last book of the Temptation series ended. It’s about Robbie Bianchi, Julian Thornton and Joel Priestly, also dubbed The Princess, The Prick and The Priest. We have a triple point of view with this story which gives a good feel for all the main characters.


Although this series can stand alone I would recommend reading the Temptation series first as you are introduced to all of the characters and get a better feel of their backgrounds and character development. Also the story is set up in the Temptation series so I already had a bit of an idea what the story was going to be. Plus Tate and Logan are the absolute best (who also have cameo roles in this series).


Julian and Joel are looking for a third person in their marriage to help compliment their relationship. They both meet Robbie and think that he would would be the perfect candidate for them. The story is how they convince Robbie to be a part of their relationship and how they all grow together.


These three guys are all very different but somehow they all work really well together. I can’t wait to see where their relationship goes. Although I did really enjoy this book it doesn’t quite compare to the Temptation series (but nothing really does as it is one of my favourites). It’s great getting to read about characters that I ahve loved for a long time.



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