Book Reviews

Book Review: Only You

Title: Only You

Author: Melanie Harlow

Rating: 4 stars


Emme and Nate have been living across the hall from each other for the last couple of years and have become friends. They are as different as can be but bond over their love of Bond films although they disagree who the better Bond is. Nate is a divorce attorney and Emme’s a wedding planner, she’s a hopeless romantic and he’s not.


He’s always coming to her rescue and saving her from her own clumsiness and she’s watching his revolving door to his apartment. But Emme comes to Nate’s rescue, when his infant daughter he knew nothing about is left at his doorstep.


Nate is surprised to say the least to find out he had an eight week old daughter he knew nothing about but after some discussion he is determined to do what is right. It is great getting to see him take care of Paisley and fall in love with his daughter. I also loved how supportive Emme was in the situation.


Emme and Nate start to realise their feelings for each other but there is so much else going on in their lives.  Emme soon wants more but Nate is resistant to love. But will they get their happy ending?



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