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Book Review: Turn

Title: Turn

Author: Cora Brent

Rating: 5 stars


I was very excited when I read this book as I just love anything Gentry. This story is about Cassie Gentry, daughter of Cord and Saylor and twin sister to Cami.


After a devastating incident in the last year of high school, Cassie’s confidence was shattered and consequently she has been feeling a little lost and unsure of what she wants to do with her life. During summer vacation Cassie is left without a job so she ends up working at her dads tattoo shop that he runs with her Uncle Deck, Scratch as the receptionist for the summer. This puts her in the path of her dad’s newest hire, Curtis Mulligan.


Curtis has had a rough past but he is trying to do better for himself, thus reaching out to his dad’s friend, Deck Gentry for a job at Scratch. Curtis has recently required the guardianship for his two younger brothers, Tristan and Brecken after his mother goes on the run. He got them out of Emblem as there is nothing left for them there.  Struggling with money and looking after his brothers, Curtis is determined to make a go of his new life as there are people depending on him.


Meeting Cassie at work, he can’t deny the attraction but he sees her as the privileged princess and knows that someone like him will never be good enough for her. The longer Cassie is around Curtis, she starts to see the man behind the mask once misunderstandings are cleared up. But a person from Cassie’s past starts to bring back all her old insecurities that she has to deal with.


“Then I met you and even though we seemed all wrong for each other at first, you turned out to be the one man I could imagine being with.”


I loved the spark between Cassie and Curtis and how their relationship developed over a period of time. Curtis was always respectful and I really liked that. I also loved how the Gentry’s, especially Saylor and Cord took care of Curtis and his brother, letting them into the family and offering them much needed help. This was so special and I loved how Saylor took Brecken under her wing. This is why I love the Gentry family!


Curtis and Cassie brought out the best in each other, giving each other strength and honesty that gave them the confidence for a relationship.


I read this book all in one go as I couldn’t put it down. I love this series, I love the Gentry’s and I can’t wait to read about future family members. The overarching theme of all these books is family, and it’s what I love the most about the series. I can’t wait for even more Gentrys.




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