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Book Review: The Beau & the Belle


Title: The Beau & the Belle

Author: R.S. Grey

Rating: 4 stars


I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review


The Beau & the Belle is filled with teenage crushes and second chances making for a delightful read. I liked how the book was separated into past and present as it gave great insight into the characters. Showcasing the high society of New Orleans.


Beau Fortier is 24 and in his last year of law school when he rents the apartment behind the house of the LeBlancs. This is happens to be across the road of the house owned by his Grandfather who lost the house after being in the family for generations. But Beau is determined to restore the family name. It is while renting this space that he meets their daughter Lauren. Lauren can be awkward but she is also very sweet.


Lauren develops a little bit of a crush on Beau as he is handsome but he also takes the time to get to know Lauren better. Beau can’t help but be fascinated by Lauren but forces down any sort of attraction to her due to her age and out of respect for her parents who have been very kind to him. But something big causes both of them to move away where they don’t see each other for ten years and not keeping in contact.


Lauren comes back to New Orleans to open up her own cafe/gallery after working in New York for some of the previous years. Beau has become a local entrepreneur and has helped many local businesses in New Orleans, setting out to achieves his goals after a lot of hard work.


Beau and Lauren run into each other at a party hosted by her parents. There is definitely something still there between the two and as the age difference in no longer a deterrent, Beau is determined to win over Lauren. Lauren is at first a little resistant but can’t help falling for Beau’s charm, especially when she feels the same way about him as he does her.


This was an enjoyable read and a great story. I liked how Beau and Lauren’s relationship developed over time and how they interacted together. But I felt it did end rather unexpectedly because when I turned the page I was surprised it was over.



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