Book Review: Mr Brother’s Bride

Title: My Brother’s Bride

Author: Rachael Anderson

Rating: 5 stars


I found this book to be completely unexpected. I have read all the historical novels by this author and they have all been fun and delightful reads and even though this book had those elements as well, it was definitely more emotional than I was expecting.


Abby finds herself married to Lord Jasper in a whirlwind. But after a few months Jasper is met with an accident and Abby finds herself a widow. Abby was residing of the estate of Jasper’s older brother Morgan, Lord Brigston and his mother, when she hears the news.


Abby finds herself interacting with Morgan a lot more and find a greater understanding of the reasons Abby married Jasper. However issues arise as Morgan finds himself falling for Abby who adds a new light to his life and Abby feels the same. But everything is not that simple due to the fact the Abby is his sister-in-law.


The book was emotional that had me in a bit of a mess but it was also very heartwarming. I loved Abby’s quiet strength and Morgan’s protectiveness. These two were great together. I can’t wait for Sophia’s story next.



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