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Book Review: Loving Mr. Cane

Title: Loving Mr. Cane

Author: Shanora Williams

Rating: 4.5 stars


After the ending of Breaking Mr. Cane, I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of this book. The journey Kandy and Cane have been through so far is heart-wrenching, passionate and completely unforgettable. After everything happening Kandy and Cane find their strength in each other. Their love grows only stronger.


A lot more is revealed in this story, especially about Cane’s past. There is drama, intrigue and all the emotions. I love Shanora’s writing and she writes an amazing forbidden romance with an age gap. This series has been amazing and completely enjoyable.


I am looking forward to reading the conclusion to the story and see how everything is rounded off. Kandy and Cane are such a wonderful couple and I love their connection.



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