Book Reviews

Book Review: Summer Harvest

Title: Summer Harvest

Author: Georgina Penney

Rating: 4 stars


Beth is given a airline ticket to Australia by her grandmother for her birthday. Beth is reluactant to go to a country were all the creatures seem to be lethal (I find this funny, living in Australia myself- although I do see where she is coming from). Nonetheless, Beth goes for a months holiday in a quaint cottage in George Creek, next door to a vineyard owned by the Hardy family.


This is where Beth meets Clayton Hardy. They enjoy an intimate holiday fling but becomes more complicated when feelings grow deeper and secrets and past hurts get revealed.


I really enjoyed this book and I loved the Australian setting. I have read Georgina’s other books and I was happy to continue with the loosely based series.


I was at the library when I saw this book, so I had to borrow it as I have been meaning to read it for some time. And I am glad I did.



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