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Book Review: The Secret Thief

Title: The Secret Thief

Author: Nina Lane

Rating 5 stars


Eve Perrin has just moved to Castille, a small town set in Maine hoping to get a fresh start. Her Uncle Max, who recently passed away left her his old estate in his will. Eve was an art history professor back in California who unknowingly got involved with a married man that caused a huge scandal, putting her trust in someone she shouldn’t. Her side of the story never got told but she was branded all the same. Eve hopes to start fresh, but when she gets turned down for every job, it seems her ‘reputation’ has followed her.


During her fist day in the town, she visits the lighthouse. she comes across the wall of secrets, it contains people’s secrets written on pieces of paper that are placed in the stone wall. While there she makes out a silhouette of a man she feels a strange connection to.


Days later, when almost all hope is lost in finding employment, she gets offered a job from the man from the lighthouse, Flynn Alverton. He offers her, her dream job- cataloging her Uncle’s fairytale collection who was a good friend of his. Eve thought this collection was lost when her mother sold it all, so she is delighted tobe able to organise and catalog it and all.


Eve learns that Flynn is guarded and keeps to himself. Flynn keeps her at arms length, giving her a set of rules to adhere to. However, Flynn starts showing up while she’s having her tea break and they develop an easy friendship bonding over the daily cross word puzzle. But when Eve tries and gets Flynn to open up, he shuts down.


Flynn isn’t the only one with a past that haunts him. Eve is still struggling and her trust in men is broken. But she finds herself attracted to Flynn and soon an attachment is formed. I love their relationship and the care they have for each other.


Secrets from the past come to light and everything gets revealed. This story was great and I loved the fairy tale aspect of it all. It was beautiful and heartfelt and truly romantic. I can’t believe this is my first book by Nina Lane but she has been on my TBR for awhile.


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