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Book Review: Punk 57

Title: Punk 57

Author: Penelope Douglas

Rating: 4 stars


I had a lot of expectations for this book as I know it’s a favourite of some of the book bloggers I follow. But I didn’t love it as much as I thought I would. Teenage drama is something I only like in small amounts but this book was overflowing. Although I would say this is more NA or mature YA, it is not my preference of reading. But there was still a lot that I liked about the book.


Two kids from neighboring towns get assigned as pen pals several years prior to the opening of the story. Ryen Trevarrow and Misha Lare have an unbreakable friendship that has thrived through letter writing. They have always been there for the other when they needed someone to talk to.


Misha is inspired by Ryen and her letters and writes some songs for his band. While at an event for his band, he is shocked to run into a beautiful girl named Ryen. But he is even more shocked to discover that not only is she hanging out with the opposite type of crowd she alluded to, but she’s popular as well.


”And then when I found out she was popular, not an outcast, and a cardboard cut-out, not at all original, I became angry. She led me to believe those things, and my muse was a lie.”


Misha enrolls in her school with an agenda but he goes by a different name, Masen Laurent. Masen pushes all of Ryen’s buttons trying to see if the girl he knows is in there somewhere within. These two hate each other, crazy attached and the sparks fly.


There is a lot going on, there are many secrets and hidden identities but everything has it’s purpose. And the relationship between Misha and Ryen continues to develop. There are some great messages attached to the book about staying true to yourself and not conforming.




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