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Book Review: Recovered

Title: Recovered

Author: Jay Crownover

Rating: 4 stars


Cable is the rich boy who had everyone wrapped around his fingers. He lived a life that everyone envied. He was popular, rich and could get away with anything. Everyone practically bows down to him all except one girl. Affton has noticed that Cable is displaying the characteristics of an addict and she calls him on it.


Affton knows first hand what it is like to live with an addiction. She lost her mum to drug addiction. So when she sees Cable, she recognizes the signs but can she stop him from destruction?


The story is about overcoming addiction and shows how there is a lot more going behind the scenes of someone’s life than what they present to the world. This was a raw and honest book that really dives in deep with the characters. Affton ends up having to ‘babysit’ Cable to help keep him sober but during the process she learns more about him but also herself.


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