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Book Review: Sex, Not Love

Title: Sex, Not Love

Author: Vi Keeland

Rating: 4.5 stars


Natalia Rossi and Hunter Delucia meet at both of their best friends Anna and Decklan’s wedding, where she is the maid of honor and he is the best man. From the start they have insane chemistry and flirtatious banter where they have an undeniable connection. But neither is looking for a serious relationship due to past experiences and circumstances not to mention Natalia lives in New York City and Hunter lives in California. But Hunter is relentless in his determination to win over Natalia even after she gives him  the ‘wrong number’ and her mother’s number.


Natalia is putting up all her defenses as she doesn’t want her heart and trust broken like it was with her ex and Hunter is guaranteed to break her heart. But Hunter is determined and they end up exploring the physical attraction of their relationship. The passion they experience is like nothing they have experienced before and is definitely special. Even though the arrangement is strictly physical but that doesn’t stop  feelings becoming involved as these two get on so well together. So when the times comes for everything to end, Natalia’s heart has been invested but Hunter still wants to stick to the agreement. The question is why, as he is in love with her as she is with him. The past is holding him captive and doesn’t let him hope for the future.


Will Hunter be able to let Natalia go, even after everything they’ve been through?


Overall, it was a compelling story and Hunter is completely swoon worthy. There are many surprises and not everything happens as you expect it. Vi Keeland has written another wonderful story with complex and flawed characters who manage to find love. But I think the title does the book a disservice as it is so much more than what it seems. If I didn’t have an established love of the author I probably wouldn’t pick up the book due to it’s title.



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