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Book Review: Exes With Benefits

Title: Exes With Benefits

Author: Nicole Williams

Rating: 5 stars


Exes With Benefits is a second chance romance about a married couple where we meet Canaan Ford and Maggie Church.


Maggie and Canaan grew up together and became high school sweethearts and they get married eighteen. But almost a year later the relationship between newly married Maggie and Canaan is turbulent and rocky and she makes the tough decision to walk away from the only boy she ever loved. It has taken a toll on Maggie watching Canaan coming up drunk after fighting and playing nurse maid to all his cuts and bruises. Enough is enough and she decides to head off to Chicago.


“We were a couple of kids playing house. We should have known better than to think we could make a marriage work at eighteen.”


When Maggie left the small town of Farmington, she swore she would never be back. But five years later sees her back in town after the death of her Grandmother who took her in when her parents died when she was young. But on her first day back she runs into Canaan and he has only gotten better looking.


“Canaan Ford wasn’t just the boy who’d been my friend when I needed one. He wasn’t just the first boy I’d kissed and fallen in love with. He was the man who, with just one touch, could turn me on in such a way I became an unknowing slave to his any whim.”


Maggie hands Canaan divorce papers but he won’t sign them without giving him a second chance. Canaan swears he has changed and begs her to give him one month to prove that he is a different person. Since Maggie left, Canaan was given a reality check and stopped the fighting and the drinking and has slowly made himself into a better man, a better man for her the love of his life.


“One month. Give me one month to show you I’m the man who deserved to marry you.”
“What happens if at the end of the month I’m not convinced? If I haven’t fallen madly in love with you again, like you’re convinced I’m about to.”
“Then I sign your damn divorce papers.”


Maggie is at first reluctant but gives Canaan a second chance. After five years you could still feel the love of these two people as they still make each other feel all the emotions. Maggie and Canaan slowly reconnect and fall for each other all over again.


“I finally realized why our story had never ended.
Because we weren’t finished- we never would be. There was no ending where Canaan and I were concerned. ‘Til death do us part… and beyond.”


I love second chance romance and loved the dynamic of them being married as well. Canaan has been welcomed into the realm of book boyfriends. He is loyal and will do anything for the women he loves. You just fall in love with these characters and you root for them to be happy. The epilogue was particularly special and warmed my heart.



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