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Book Review: A Marriage Made in Mayfair

Title: A Marriage Made in Mayfair

Author: Tamara Gill

Rating: 3 stars


Suzanna March’s first London season left her feeling humiliated as she was snubbed by the man she had a crush on, the dashing Lord Danning. She fled the ballroom and the country, ending up in Paris to learn proper comportment and gaining a french maid to work miracles.


Lord Danning (or Royce), after the extravagance of his lifestyle and his brothers gambling habits finds himself with little money. Thus he designs to marry a rich heiress but he doesn’t intend to fall in love. He always noticed Miss March and finds her enchanting, even more after her transformation.


Suzanna is still mad at Lord Danning for giving her the cut, she sets out to seduce him and then leave. However, she doesn’t plan on falling in love. But matters come to light about his brother being indebted to her brother that must be resolved before Suzanna can trust that Royce isn’t after her sizable dowry.


I have liked this Regency series, part I have real troubles with certain aspects as they’re not entirely historically accurate. Thus I feel I am unable to give the series a higher rating.



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