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Book Review: A Captain’s Order- A Duke’s Command

Title: A Captain’s Order- A Duke’s Command

Author: Tamara Gill

Rating: 3 stars


Eloise’s adventure to Australia results in the death of her brother after only a couple of weeks. She decides to head back to England and manages to secure her place on a ship by begging the Captain for her passage. Captain Gabriel Lyons is at first reluctant to have her on board but there is something special about Lady Eloise Bartholomew.


Once Eloise is back in London she can’t help but to reminisce about the time she spent with the rugged Sea Captain. About how Gabe made her feel things she never felt before. But he forced her to leave him as he stayed in Africa.


At a much anticipated masquerade ball, Eloise is shocked to hear that well known voice of her sea Captain who is the reluctant Duke of Dale after the death of his older brother. But their reunion isn’t all ‘smooth sailing’ (pun not intended but it works) as things from Gabe’s past come to light.



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