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Book Review: The Iron Tiara

Title: The Iron Tiara

Author: Beth Flynn

Rating: 5 stars


“An heiress and a criminal, he thought. Not exactly a match made in heaven and by normal standards, one that could only end in doom.”


When I saw that the nine minutes trilogy was getting a spin-off series featuring Anthony Bear I was beyond excited. I love these books and I was not disappointed with the newest installment. The Iron Tiara was fierce, unpredictable, unique, emotional, and gritty. 


Anthony Bear is running his own legitimate landscaping business while always running a few illegal businesses as well. When he discovers that one his clients has not paid his debt, he decides to get his own revenge to make him pay. This is where Christy Chapman comes in. She arrives at the house while her father is not at home but her plans go awry when she meets Anthony.


Anthony sees Christy as another spoilt rich girl and doesn’t have any time for her but needs her as part of his kidnapping plan. However Christy is having none of this and dislikes her father as much as Anthony does. She tries and gets Anthony to see that her father won’t care if she is taken and won’t pay a ransom but her arguments are cut short when she knocks herself out while trying to escape.


Christy wakes up at Anthony’s house with him reassuring her that he means her no harm. The two come to a mutual understanding over their mutual dislike of Van Chapman. There is a lot of plotting, twists and turns and lots of suspense.


I loved seeing the many different sides of Anthony. Anthony could be brutal but always showed a softer and romantic side when around Christy. The couple really shared something special and they go through so much together. I also loved getting to see Grizz and Kit throughout the story.


Overall I loved this story and loved getting to see Anthony and Christy’s relationship develop and grow. I remember seeing the pair in A Gift of Time and was curious about their relationship. I love getting to see the two of them in an established relationship and in some ways it can act as an extended epilogue. I can’t wait to read whatever the author writes next.


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