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Book Review: Beautiful Mistake

Title: Beautiful Mistake

Author: Vi Keeland

Rating: 4.25 stars


Rachel is out with her friend Ava when Ava points to the man in a blue shirt as the guy who was cheating on her. Rachel being the good friend she is decides to give the guy a piece of her mind. Later on she discovers she told the wrong guy off and Ava’s inebriation meant she got the colour of the shirts wrong. Where she said blue she really meant brown.

Rachel, never planning on seeing the guy again walks away. However, on her way to her new job as a teacher’s aide (which she is running late to, despite the professor being a stickler for being on time) she meets Professor Caine West. And much to her chagrin, he is the guy she told off the other night.

Despite their awkward beginning, Caine and Rachel get a long really well as they bond over music. The two are attracted to each other but they have to think about work plus an ex-boyfriend re-enters Rachel’s life. But despite everything the start falling in love.

However their relationship is threatened when Caine discovers some new information about his past. And how is this revelation affect his relationship with Rachel? Are their past and present somehow connected and how does this affect their future?

This was a great story (I expect nothing less from Vi Keeland) with many surprises and plot twists that always kept you guessing about how everything will play out. I really liked the relationship between Caine and Rachel and how they were able to be there for each other, especially in the end.


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