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Book Review: Drums of Autumn


Title: Drums of Autumn

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Rating: 5 stars


After the ending of Voyager, Jamie and Claire find themselves unexpectedly in America, Georgia. Awhile later, after witnessing the death of one of Jamie’s acquaintances from Ardsmuir and seeing to proper burial they come across a man who escaped the same fate as Mr Hayes. After making sure he isn’t captured they make their way to North Carolina to get in contact with Jamie’s Aunt Jocasta. With young Ian (who is now staying with them after missing passage to Scotland), Fergus (later joined by Marsali).


Jocasta owns a plantation there and Jamie soon finds himself in a managerial role and looking after business. However both Jamie and Claire are uncomfortable using slaves (as a plantation of this size requires) and instead of becoming heir to the place as his Aunt wants, Jamie and Claire start their own place later to be known as Frasers Ridge. Jamie gets into contact with his fellow Scotsman who were with him at Ardsmuir, to settle on the land he has been given. Here they meet with some Native Americans and young Ian becomes quite involved with their culture. Claire becomes quite known for her medical skills and becomes of use in the area and Jamie and Claire become busy with daily life and building a sustainable place to live.


“You are my courage, as I am your conscience,” he whispered. “You are my heart—and I your compassion. We are neither of us whole, alone. Do ye not know that, Sassenach?”


Meanwhile back in 1969 Brianna is having to deal with her mother leaving she goes back to America leaving Roger back in Scotland. However the feelings between the two grow stronger and they finally admit that they are in love. Brianna is interested in finding out if she can find anything in history that tells her what might have happened to her parents and enlists the help of Roger. But when Roger comes across an article from 1776 telling of the deaths of Jamie and Claire he doesn’t know what to do. However Brianna makes the decision for him once he discovers she has disappeared, knowing straight away that she has gone to Craig nu dun to warn her parents about the future. Roger makes the decision to follow Brianna to Scotland and goes through the stones a month or so later after doing a lot of research about the appropriate times to travel.


They both find their way to America and end up meeting with each other. But due to misunderstandings they go their separate ways for a while and Brianna continues with her mission of meeting her father.


One of my most anticipated moments in this book that I was looking forward to the most was the meeting of Jamie and Brianna and I loved seeing their relationship grow even though there were many obstacles to overcome. Jamie and Brianna are both really stubborn and there were clashes of opinion due to the different ideals of the time they grew up in.


Overall I really enjoyed this book and the love between Jamie and Claire is epic. I also like the developing relationship of Roger and Brianna and I really like seeing the two together and always looked forward to their time in the story.


However sometimes I did feel that some parts of the book were unnecessarily long and didn’t move the story forward. I find that the first couple of books are my favourite but I am absolutely loving this story and cannot get enough of Jamie, Claire, Brianna, Roger and Lord John is quickly becoming a favourite (especially after reading the Lord John Grey spin-off series).


I am interested to know where these characters will go next and how everything interconnects. I love learning more about the history of the time and it was interesting to learn about the Native Americans (which my knowledge of is limited).




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