Book Reviews

Book Review: Unguarded

Title: Unguarded

Author: Noelle Adams

Rating: 4 stars


Ungraded is the first story in a novella series with three friends who make a pact to take hold of their love lives while at a mutual friends wedding.


Charlie lost her wealthy parents when she was eighteen, her father naming a personal friend Simon to be her financial trustee. Since that time they have had a relationship sort of like friends with Simon giving her advice and keeping in touch on a weekly basis.


Now Charlie is 25 and has started to see the much older Simon in a very different light. Charlie convinces Simon to be her date to a wedding where he was also invited. At this wedding she is determined to take control and change their relationship as she has noted that there is something between them.


This book was nice and easy to read and I liked the relationship of Charlie and Simon. I also liked Charlie’s friends, Hannah and Madison. Looking forward to the rest of the series.




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