Book Reviews

Book Review: Dane’s Storm

Title: Dane’s Storm

Author: Mia Sheridan

Rating: 5 stars


This is my first time listening to an audiobook and it was definitely interesting. I enjoyed the experience but it won’t be my preferred way to consume books. I did enjoy having the book read to me but overall I felt something was missing and I didn’t enjoy the book as much if I were to read it myself. That being said, the book was amazing as you would expect from Mia Sheridan.


The story is told in alternating POVs that transition from past to present seamlessly. I thought both narrators, Erin Mallon and Lance Greenfield did a great job.


Dane and Audra met and fell in love right before they were about to start college. Dane comes from a well known and wealthy family while Audra’s family is quite poor. But from the first moment Audra spotted Dane sitting on a bench outside of her art class, she was mesmerized. But she never thought someone like Dane would look her way, but he is equally mesmerized.


There is a strong pull for one another and they get married young due to circumstances. They love each other but their first year together is tumultuous and filled with many tough decisions. Also Dane’s Grandmother disapproves of Audra and makes her feelings known whenever possible. When tragedy strikes the young couple, they’re both overwhelmed with grief and instead of leaning on each other they deal with it in their own ways. Soon they are getting divorced.


Several years have passed, where the majority of the story takes place. Audra is trying to get her small business of a florist to take off. She has been saving every penny she has to make it a success. She owns the building that was gifted to her by Dane while they were still married. She manages to land a big client that has the potential to change her business. But before anything can happen she gets notice from Dane’s grandmother that she has to vacate the premises due to the prenuptial agreement she signed.


Audra has no choice but to seek Dane out and get some answers. But facing him after all these years is hard as the pain from the past still haunts her. When she flies out to San Francisco to meet with Dane, it is evident that there is still a connection between the two. He promises to help sort everything out with his grandmother.


They head back to Colorado on his private plane and are brought into a very precarious situation where they must rely on each other to survive. With everything that is happening, they open up about their feelings from the past and come to a better understanding of what went down. But will they be able to make it out of the Colorado mountains alive?


Mia Sheridan writes an amazing and emotional read about a couple who are given a second chance at love. This is definitely high up on my list of favorites for Mia Sheridan, although all her books are amazing. The story is beautiful, heartbreaking and packed full of drama and suspense. I loved Dane and Audra and really felt for them with everything they’ve been through.



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