Book Reviews

Book Review: Battle Scars

Title: Battle Scars

Author: Jane Harvey-Berrick

Rating: 3 stars


MJ is a journalist working as a foreign correspondent in the Middle East when one of her assignments goes wrong and she ends up being saved by a team of Marines. One of these Marines is Sergeant Jackson Connor. Jack is not impressed about putting his men in danger to save a journalist.


But after MJ or ‘Maggie’ apologizes and offers that if any of them are ever in New York to look her up at the New York Times and she will buy them a drink. Jack takes her up on this offer a couple of months later.


Jack and Maggie spend some time together getting to know each other and their jobs. Soon this turns into a real attachment and turns into a relationship. However both their jobs require them to travel overseas for work. This means that they won’t see each other much, but somehow they make it work.


“Our relationship had been born from the most desperate of situations, warmed by friendship and respect, heightened by our physical attraction, and tempered with the threat of losing it all in an explosion of dust and violence. I couldn’t help thinking that I’d be saying those special words to Jack soon, whether he was ready to hear them or not.”


Overall I liked this story but I didn’t love it. I liked Jack and Maggie’s relationship but I did struggle some of the time as I felt that they put their jobs over their relationship (even though I didn’t necessarily want them to give up their jobs- so my feelings are very confusing).



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