Book Reviews

Book Review: The Ghostwriter

Title: The Ghostwriter

Author: Alessandra Torre

Rating: 3.75 stars


“A perfect morning. A perfect husband. A perfect daughter. A perfect lie.”


Helena has just gotten the news that she has around four months to live. Instead of this news being devastating, Helena is relieved. However there is one last book that she must write before she dies. She always thought that she would have more time but this book is not like any of her others.


Helena begins writing but realizes that she needs help. She gains the help of her publisher and her arch-rival turned out to be someone she didn’t expect. Overall, the less said about the plot of the book the better. It is best knowing as little as possible going into the story.


However, I did find the story a little slow in the beginning. Although I was intrigued all throughout the story, I didn’t find it as gripping as I wanted it to be for a suspenseful read. But I did find that that towards the end of the book, where all was revealed- to be really good. I definitely didn’t predict anything that was happening.


Overall, I did enjoy the book, just not as much as what I thought I would. There are definitely lots of plot twists and unexpected happenings. It makes for a different read for as I don’t stray too far from romance (this was more suspense rather than romantic suspense like some of her other novels).



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