Book Reviews

Book Review: Singe

Title: Singe

Author: Aly Martinez

Rating: 4.5 ‘Butterfly’ stars


“I lived in his nightmares. He lived in my dreams.”


Singe is the first book in the Guardian Protection series, and is a great introduction to the men who work in this security business. I am really looking forward to the rest of the series, as Aly Martinez always delivers. This book is about someone new to the gang, Jude.


Jude used to be a cop and in a single night his entire life changed. He responded to an afterhours call to a fire, and ever since he has been plagued with nightmares. Several years later he is back in his own hometown and is now working a job in security at Guardian Protection.


Rhion has also been though a lot in her life, after one incident changed her life forever. Rhion doesn’t have many people that she can trust but for her the guys at Guardian Protection are her family and all of them look after her.


“There are no limitations to the lengths I will go to make sure you are safe. I lost you to the flames once. It won’t happen again. Not a man, a woman, or a natural disaster could get past me when it comes to you.”


When Jude and Rhion meet each other, something beautiful happens. Both have experienced tragedy in their lives and through this they are able to heal each other. Jude and Rhion share a very strong connection and are each other’s strength. Jude gives Rhion back her confidence and shows her the world. Rhion was such a strong character, even with all she has been through she was still able to give Jude her whole heart.


“My Butterfly was beautiful. Still a little broken. Still a little scared. But weren’t we all?”


All the story is wonderfully interconnected and all the puzzle pieces fall into place. I also really enjoyed all the side characters and can’t wait for what comes next. Overall it was a story filled with passion, heat and redemption. The characters were great and overall it was another great read from Aly Martinez.



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