Book Reviews

Book Review: Break Point

Title: Break Point

Author: Rachel Blaufeld

Rating: 3-4 stars

After reading part one in an anthology, I’ve been looking forward to the complete story. However it wasn’t the story I was expecting.

Juliette is starting over at a new University where her focus in her tennis. Her new coach, Coach King is young and good looking and the two of them share secret looks. When things are getting good between the two, there is always the fear of getting caught and Drew leaves hoping to gives Jules the future she deserves.

Several years later they meet again but there are secrets and things left undecided between the two of them. Drew is intent on winning Jules (who now goes by Claire) back but Jules is stubborn and doesn’t know if he can trust him not to leave again.

Although I liked this story I found myself often getting frustrated with Jules and the decisions she had made and continues to make and didn’t find myself loving it how I wanted to.

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