Book Reviews

Book Review: Sorry Charlie

Title: Sorry Charlie

Author: Katie Gravkowski

Rating: 3 stars

Charlie’s ex-fiance, Jerome Breaux is running against her farther for governor of Louisiana and he hires Wagner Scott to romance her and find out any secrets. Scott is surprised when he meets Charlie and she is nothing like what he was expecting.

Charlie is down to earth and Scott can’t help but say what’s on his mind in the form of cheesy pick up lines. They go out and get to know each other but Charlie is suspicious about Scott’s intentions as Jerome has sent in his spies before.

Scott sees himself falling for Charlie and imagining a life with her but his contract with Jerome makes it complicated. Although he is no longer interested in the contract there is still the issue of Charlie finding out the real reason he is New Orleans.

This was a nice sweet read and was good seeing Betts and Lucky as it has been a while since I read the first two books in the series. Although I thought the ending was a little abrupt and would have liked to had more of a resolution but the epilogue was a nice edition.

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