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Book Review: Sway

Title: Sway

Author: Adriana Locke

Rating: 4 stars


Alison is a single mother to son Huxley, working two jobs as well as studying to become a journalist. One night at a function where she is the waitress, she serves drinks to the Mayor- Barrett Landry. Barrett becomes intrigued with Alice, and does everything in his power to see Alison again.


Alison isn’t like any other girl his met and has to convince her to give him a chance after he is a bit of an ass. Alison and Barrett start to ‘hang out’ in private as to not gain media attention.


“I haven’t found the way to win her over yet, but I will. I have to. She’s the only person that makes me smile. I’m not sure what that means or how long it will last, but all I know is that she gives me a spark I haven’t found anywhere else, and it’s something I can’t shake. Something I don’t want to shake.”


Alison is very cautious with her relationship with Barrett and especially the media attention that comes with him since her marriage ended very publically. However, Alison finds herself falling for Barrett as she gets to see a different side of him that media doesn’t portray.


There is lots of drama from ex-girlfriends and unwanted media attention but after everything Alison and Barrett make their relationship work.


I really liked how Huxley was a bigger fan of Barrett’s brother Lincoln who was a professional baseball player. But between Barrett and Huxley there was a mutual respect and was great seeing their relationship develop.


I enjoyed this book and will eventually continue with the series.



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