Favourite Books Read in May


This has been a month of new books from some of my favourite series.


The Queen and the Cure

An epic romantic fantasy that is truly amazing. Kjell and Sasha are thrown together due to circumstances and develop feeling for the other, but not all is what is seams.


I love Tate and Logan and this continues their story four years on. It details their day to day life and shows their commitment to each other. It was another great edition to the series.


A fun and quirky read including a slow burn romance. After a first date gone wrong Matt and Marie become friends and eventually fall for each other.


Favourite Books Read in March


I finally started the Outlander series and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Plus there were some other really good books this month including a brand new author.



This book is epic filled with romance, drama and adventure and Jamie and Claire have become one of my favourite couples. This is must read and absolutely amazing.


Dragonfly in Amber

This continues the epic adventure of Outlander. New characters are introduced plus new and exciting revelations that make it impossible to stop reading the series.


Don’t Speak

This is an emotional and heartwarming retelling of The Little Mermaid. The story of a simple island girl falling for the rich Governor’s Son and how they eventually reconcile their differences.


The Coppersmith Farmhouse

This an amazing debut novel telling the story of a woman and her daughter starting a new life in a small town and meeting the town Sheriff who changes their world. This was a fantastic read and can’t wait to read whatever else the author writes.



This continues the story of Ace and Dylan and how they work with and support each other to achieve their own sort of happy ending.