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Book Review: Tethered Souls

Title: Tethered Souls

Author: Beth Flynn

Rating: 5 + stars


Beth Flynn always seems to blow me away with her stories and her writing. I have read everything Beth has written and loved it all. This book was amazing and I could go on about how much I loved it. I was so excited reading this book that I had to read it in one day. For me I would recommend reading the Nine Minutes trilogy and The Iron Tiara before reading Tethered Souls, as it gives many spoilers and there is so much history and background of all these characters that is enhances your reading of this story.


I loved Grizz and Kit’s trilogy and Christy and Bear’s book, so what better than a book about their kids. Ever since the epilogue in A Gift of Time I have wanted Mimi and Christian’s story. And this is where their story starts when they ‘meet’ again after five years.


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Book Review: Jock Row

Title: Jock Row

Author: Sara Ney

Rating: 5 stars


This book was so freaking CUTE! It was adorable and really made me smile and one of those feel good stories. What starts out as an unlikely friendship turns into something much more.


Scarlett, recovering from a cold and would much rather stay at home and watch Netflix but instead she is dragged to a party on Jock Row  by a couple of her friends. However, during this party she is labeled a “cockblocker’ by a couple of the guys. Rowdy Wade, the captain of the baseball team has the unfortunate pleasure of having to kick her out of the party.


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Book Review: The Secret Thief

Title: The Secret Thief

Author: Nina Lane

Rating 5 stars


Eve Perrin has just moved to Castille, a small town set in Maine hoping to get a fresh start. Her Uncle Max, who recently passed away left her his old estate in his will. Eve was an art history professor back in California who unknowingly got involved with a married man that caused a huge scandal, putting her trust in someone she shouldn’t. Her side of the story never got told but she was branded all the same. Eve hopes to start fresh, but when she gets turned down for every job, it seems her ‘reputation’ has followed her.


During her fist day in the town, she visits the lighthouse. she comes across the wall of secrets, it contains people’s secrets written on pieces of paper that are placed in the stone wall. While there she makes out a silhouette of a man she feels a strange connection to.


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