Book Review: The Prize

Title: The Prize

Author: Julie Garwood

Rating: 4.5 stars


Lady Nicholaa is a Saxon and is trying to defend her home against Royce who is Norman and his army. But Nicholaa finds that she is unable to defeat Royce like she did the other armies and seeks refuge.  But Royce gets her to leave her Sanctuary and accompanies him to meet his king, William of Normandy in London.


The King, seeing Nicholaa’s valiant defense of her home he decides to make her a bride and gives her away as ‘the prize’ to his most worthy knight. As things happens, Royce and Nicholaa end up marrying. They start to see each other in a different light as they get to know each other better.


I really enjoyed this book. Julie Garwood always writes amazing historical with fun and great characters.




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