Book Reviews

Book Review: Tragic

Title: Tragic

Author: Devney Perry

Rating: 4 stars


Piper is recently divorced and has decided to move to Montana for a fresh start. She loves her job and finds a great place to live. Piper meets her neighbour Kaine, who is grouchy but she is able to see that there is more to him than that.


They soon become ‘friends’ and experience something new. I loved that Kaine found someone like Piper, who makes him want to try again and who he can be himself with.  Kaine starts slowly opening up to Piper and you become more aware of the tragedy he has been through in the last years.


Piper has her own issues going on as well and Kaine is there to support her. These two were able to heal together and support each other through their experiences. I really enjoyed Kaine and Piper together and it was great to see the other characters from the Lark Cove series.



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