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Book Review: The Scapegoat

Title: The Scapegoat

Author: Daphne Du Maurier

Rating: 4.5 stars


I have made it my goal to read more Daphne Du Maurier as she is a favourite of mine. I saw the recent movie and I really enjoyed it, although it did end up being a little different from the book.


John is on holiday in France when he sees someone who is the mirror image of himself, Jean de Gue who is an aristocratic Frenchman. They go out for drinks and John ends the night in a drunken stupor only to wake up the morning with all his belongings replaced with Jean’s.


When Jean’s chauffeur arrives at the hotel, John is unable to convince him of his story and ends up accompaning the chauffeur to Jean de Gue’s chateau, where he meets the unsuspecting family. They all believe he is Jean so naturally he is expected to keep the household running including the family business of the glassworks.


It becomes apparent that Jean has left the business in a mess, leaving John to do his best to unravel it. John is interacting with all members of the family and sometimes he makes some blundering mistakes, getting himself in to some difficult situations.


The book has mystery, intrigue and all the characters are well planned out as you discover their relationship with the real Jean de Gue. The story has many layers to it that makes for a very and interesting and fascinating read. I love Du Maurier’s writing as she is a born storyteller.


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