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Book Review: Honor’s Splendor

Title: Honor’s Splendor

Author: Julie Garwood

Rating: 5 stars


I love Julie Garwood and she writes amazing historical romance. This is my second book from this author and I loved it, like I loved the first.


Baron Duncan of Wexton, seeks revenge for the brutal attack on his sister by  the hands of Baron Louddon. Duncan sets out to Kidnap Madelyn, Louddon’s sister but what ends up happening was not what he was expecting.


Madelyne has spent years being abused by her brother, Baron Louddon and has had enough. Packing her belongings she waits for the right moment to leave. However she sees Duncan in the courtyard, stripped of his clothing and tied to the post. Madelyn, not knowing the purpose of Duncan’s being there, sets out to free him.


Madelyn shows Duncan a kindness he wasn’t expecting which changes everything. Duncan takes Madelyn as his ‘captive’ and this is where the story really begins. Along the way Duncan ends up marrying Madelyn for her protection, among other reasons.


Madelyn really brings out the softer side of Duncan and I really enjoyed watching their relationship develop. A also loved the side characters and everything that was going on in the story.



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