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Book Review: Good Time

Title: Good Time

Author: Jane Aston

Rating: 4 stars


Jana Aston always writes a funny and delightful book that’s always a good time. Payton is first introduced as Lydia’s best friend in Good Girl. Payton is crazy and impulsive and always speaks her mind and thus catching Vince off-guard when they first meet.


When Payton first sees Vince, it is instant attraction on her part. She knows that he is the one she is going to marry. But I don’t even she realises that it would happen so soon. Vince and Payton end up tying the knot on a wild night in Vegas.


But what happens now that they are married? I loved exploring the relationship between Vince and Payton as they got to know each other better.


“Loving Vince is a lot like shopping at Target.”
“Sure.” Mark nods, his face devoid of judgment because he’s an excellent work spouse. “How so exactly?”
“Well, I had no idea I needed him until I saw him. You know?”


Jana Aston has delivered another amazing rom-com. It’s sweet, romantic, sexy and a whole lot of fun.


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