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Book Review: The Upside of Falling

Title: The Upside of Falling

Author: Meghan Quinn

Rating: 5 stars


As much as I love Meghan Quinn’s Rom Coms, there is something about her more serious books that just does it for me.


Colby has dreamt of becoming a fighter pilot ever since he was a young boy, playing with his model planes. Many years later, Colby is living the dream where he is a trainee at the Air Force Academy with his best friend Stryder.


Rory meets Colby at a party none of them wanted to be at. When she sees Colby, she knows he is someone she wants to get to know better. Rory’s determination has Colby wanting to know Rory just as much.


These two fall hard for each other, but there is something in the way that could stop them from being together. The book was emotional, beautiful and all round amazing. I love Meghan Quinn’s writing and after that ending I am unsure of what I am feeling.



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