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Book Review: Want You

Title: Want You

Author: Jen Frederick

Rating: 4.5 stars


Leka is twelve years old and living on the streets. To make money he does odd jobs for those working in the mafia. One night he comes across a small five-year-old girl who is huddled in a dark alleyway. Something about her tugs at his heart and ends up looking after her. He names her ‘bitsy’ and she soon becomes the only person he cares about.


Leka and Bitsy become everything to each other but when Bitsy turns eighteen the nature of their relationship changes. You can see them both falling for each other throughout the story, but things are complicated. Leka works for some very bad men who he must keep Bitsy away from.


But Bitsy is stubborn and wants to find out what is going on. I was on the edge of seat waiting for these two to get together plus add in all the action, drama and angst made for a great and entertaining read.


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