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Book Review: A Nordic King

Title: A Nordic King

Author: Karina Halle

Rating: 4.5 stars


Aurora is looking for a new job as a nanny when an unexpected opportunity comes up. She receives the job to become nanny to two little princesses of Denmark. Thus making the moody and aloof and gorgeous King Askel her boss. Aurora isn’t afraid to stand up to the king, even though he can be an asshole at times.


With time, these two share a connection and she starts to fall for him, but she has already fallen head over heels for his daughters. I love the relationships Aurora shares with the Royal family bringing in some much needed fresh air.


Their romance was intense, forbidden and filled with so much passion. These two become to trust each other with the darker secrets they have. I love this couple so much.


It’s a beautiful book about family, forgiveness, love, and it made me feel all the emotions. I especially loved that Aurora was Australian, as I enjoy reading about someone from my own country. This book is filled with hidden depth and tells a lovely story.


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