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Book Review: Sweet Insanity

Title: Sweet Insanity

Author: Desireé Adele

Rating: 4 stars


I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review


This is Desireé debut novel and I loved it. I have been following Desireé’s book reviews on Youtube for a while now as we have very similar tastes in books, so I was son excited to see that Desireé wrote her own book. It was an amazing first novel.


Dahlia confronts Zack one day who sits behind her in her university lecture making a lot of noise tapping on his phone. Zack is good looking and star of the hockey team and Dahlia at first doesn’t give him the time of day. But Zack is intrigued and pursues Dahlia’s attention.


Dahlia had a rough childhood and channels all her energy into MMA, thus Dahlia is quite guarded. But with Zack’s persistence and the ‘surprising’ fact that they actually get on with each other. They get to know each other better and deeper feelings start to develop.


Both Dahlia and Zack battle their insecurities, fears and past hurts that they must work through if they ever want that something more with each other.


Overall, I really enjoyed this book and Desireé did an amazing job with her debut novel. The writing was really good and the story entertaining. I will definitely be continuing with the series, I can’t wait to read more.



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