Book Reviews

Book Review: On Chesil Beach

Title: On Chesil Beach

Author: Ian McEwan

Rating: 3.75 stars


The story details the event of Florence and Edward’s wedding night sometime in 1962. The night starts out as awkward and only gets worse ending disastrously. Flashbacks of Florence and Edwards childhood and courtship are expertly woven as we gain more understanding of the lives of these two characters.


This is the first book of Ian McEwan I have read. Atonement is still on my TBR and I want to read it even more now as I really enjoyed McEwan’s writing style. I was influenced to read this book after watching the movie, which although I did really enjoyed, it left me intrigued as the story was much different than what I had anticipated.


The book was well written and the story packs a punch for such a short book. This book is quite different from what I usually read but I like exploring something new.


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