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Book Review: Dirty Headlines

Title: Dirty Headlines

Author: L.J. Shen

Rating: 4 stars


I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review


Judith ‘Jude’ Humphry  is having a terrible day, broke, newly single after catching her boyfriend cheating on her, sick father and while drowning her sorrows at a bar she meets a handsome, dirty talking french guy. One thing leads to another and they spend a night together at a fancy hotel suite at the Laurent Towers Hotel.


Uncharacteristically and in a moment of desperation, Jude, seeing his expensive clothes decides to steal his wallet. But knowing he is leaving New York in the morning eases her mind a little as she knows she won’t see him again.


A couple of weeks later, on the first day of her new job she comes face to face with her Frenchman,  who isn’t really French, but American. And her boss, Célian Laurent. In the office they are at each other’s throats, Jude being one of the only employees who stands up to his assholery.


But out of the office, it is hard to deny they have chemistry. Jude and Célian end up spending time together and a relationship grows.


I will say that I did really enjoy the book and I love L.J. Shen but I prefer some of her other books more. Although, L.J. Shen writes some of the best assholes out there. I loved the depth of Célian’s character and how he could be sweet.



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