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Book Review: The Girl and Her Ren

Title: The Girl and Her Ren

Author: Pepper Winters

Rating: 5 stars


“Because I can promise you, the ending… it’s better than you think.”


WOW! This duet is my favourite thing I’ve read by Pepper Winters. This is different from anything I have read before and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book made me so happy since we finally get to see Ren and Della together.


The Girl and Her Ren answers the questions of the first book The Boy and His Ribbon. The first book left us with the separation of Ren and Della. However, when Ren discovers Della’s manuscript, everything changes. Ren discovers that Della desires him as much as he desires her. But it still takes time for him to feel comfortable with their new -found reality.


“I was kissing my goddamn soulmate, and who fucking cared how we’d met or how long we’d known each other? Fate had decided to throw us an unconventional beginning by giving her to me the moment she was born.”


Ren and Della’s relationship develops into something beautiful as they explore their feelings for each other. They often retreat to the forest where they feel the most comfortable. But with Ren and Della, it’s not always that simple. They come into contact with people from their past that again changes the course of their life.


There is so much going on in this story and I loved it. This book brings all the emotion, all the heart and all the feelings. This duet is magical and one of my favourite reads of the year.



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