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Book Review: More Than Words

Title: More Than Words

Author: Mia Sheridan

Rating: 4.5 stars


More Than Words tells a wonderful story of fated meetings and second chances. I love Mia Sheridan’s writing and her stories are always unique.


When Jessica Creswell is just a young girl, she meets Callen Hayes just when he needs her the most. Both of them have their own family issues and inside an abandoned boxcar they forge a friendship and a strong bond. But after playing make believe, Callen disappears just as suddenly as he entered it.


Years later, Jessica is living in France just like she always wanted to when she sees Callen again. But Callen is very different than the boy she remembered. He is now a famous composer, but he is very jaded and uses alcohol and women to dull his pain.


Callen and Jessica reconnect but both have their own hurts. Callen has a lot of issues that he has to work through, but I loved how he was with Jessica. Jessica gets her dream job, working through ancient French translations and Callen just so happens to be in the same place as her work.


These two go on an emotional and beautiful journey together and I loved watching them fall in love. In terms of books from Mia Sheridan, it isn’t my favourite of hers, but it is still highly rated as Mia has written some of my all-time favourite books.



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