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Book Review: Unbreakable

Title: Unbreakable

Author: Emma Scott

Rating: 4 stars


Alex is on track for her future. She has a good job, a fiancé that her family approves of, everything is just so. But why does Alex feel like something is missing. Alex is hard working and she really strives for success. On a typical day, Alex finds herself standing in line at the bank behind Cory. They engage in some small talk and something passes between them.


Cory is living the opposite life. He is a single father barely getting by, but he is doing the best he can. He is at the bank on his way to something much more important when there is a robbery. Alex, Cory and a dozen others are all caught up in the drama but instead of escaping, they are held hostage for a couple of days. Alex and Cory bond over their shared experience and ultimately grow closer. During the ordeal, it becomes impossible to fight their attraction for each other.


This kind of traumatic experience can really impact and change a person. Afterwards, Cory and Alex go back to their normal lives but nothing is the same. Alex is re-evaluating her priorities and her relationship. Meanwhile Cory is very close to losing everything and Alex might be the only one who can help.


I loved Cory, he was such a kind and caring person. I loved watching Alex and Cory come together and how they helped each other through everything that happened.



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