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Book Review: Incognito

Title: Incognito

Author: Siobhan Davis

Rating: 3 stars


I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review


Dakota’s life changed when tragedy stuck her family and she gave up her dreams of attending the dance program at Juliard. Now she is just trying to get on with her life and is following in her sister’s footsteps to make her family happy.


Shawn, a famous pop star goes into hiding as his stalker has made threats to kill him and broke into his house. Shawn, who goes by Levi and Dakota end up at the same University and the same course of accounting. They are drawn to each other put there is a constant push and pull happening between them.


But as things always happens, the truth always comes out. When the truth is known, it changes the dynamic in their relationship. There is a bit of mystery, suspense and romance that offers a different spin on the rock-star romance.


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