Book Reviews

Book Review: Rebel Heart

Title: Rebel Heart

Author: Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland

Rating: 4.25 stars


The book starts from the ending of Rebel Heir as Rush and Gia’s relationship is turned upside down after unexpected circumstances. Facing the truth of the situation is tough for the couple, making their relationship beyond complicated.


Both of them take the time to re-evaluate their lives and work through any issues. Rush has a lot of personal baggage to work through with his complicated history with his family. Gia is also dealing with a lot but she is resilient and gets things done.


Rush and Gia are clearly destined for each other and are undeniably in love. Their relationship was imperfect but they have been through so much together that it only makes their bond stronger. It was a great conclusion to Rush and Gia’s story. Vi and Penelope always write amazing and emotional stories.



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