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Book Review: Love Beyond Words

Title: Love Beyond Words

Author: Emma Scott

Rating: 4.5 stars


Natalie has experienced a lot of pain in her life after losing her parents young. Now, almost alone apart form two friends, she goes to school during the day and works at a coffee shop at night. She passes her time quietly, reading her favourite author Rafael Melendez Mendón.


One night, Julian Kovač comes to the cafe beginning something that neither expects. Julian comes in night after night, writing in his notebook. Natalie watches him in fascination and soon they begin speaking more than just pleasantries, thus leading to more.


But Julian has a secret that he’s been keeping for a long time now as a promise to his deceased mother. The revelation definitely changes things in Natalie’s life. Thus comes suspense and intrigue filled with twists and turns. And while all this is happening Julian and Natalie are falling in love.


“Falling for you was the easiest, most effortless thing in the world.”


This is the first book Emma Scott wrote and it’s definitely very good. It’s interesting to see her grow as an author, and get better and better. The only book of hers I haven’t read yet is, Unbreakable, which is high on my reading list. Emma Scott is one of my favourite writers and she never fails to impress.



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