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Book Review: Confessions-Julian

Title: Confessions- Julian

Author: Ella Frank

Rating: 4 stars


Julian continues where Robbie left off. I was excited to continue Robbie, Julian and Joel’s story as more is revealed, especially considering Julian’s past- which is one of the main focuses of the book.


Robbie has just moved into Julian and Priest’s apartment, finding his place among the couple. There is nothing but acceptance, all enjoying the connection they share. Even though Julian and Priest have so much history together, both make Robbie feel welcomed and make him feel like he belongs.


Julian carries a lot of guilt around his sister’s death and as it’s coming up to her anniversary, he starts to fall apart. Priest has always been a rock for him. But now he has Robbie as well who also offers him his support and bringing him much needed comfort.


Priest has always been an enigma, but you get to see him more clearly. He cares deeply for those he loves, and I love seeing him open up more to Robbie. More is reveled about Priest’s past and my heart just goes out to him (and Julian). And this will be the main focus for the next book.


As always, I was overjoyed that I got to see more of Tate and Logan who are my absolute favourites. I can’t get enough of them so any glimpse into their lives is much appreciated.


I am looking forward to to the conclusion the Confession series. These men are something special and it has been great watching their relationship develop.


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