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Book Review: Tethered Souls

Title: Tethered Souls

Author: Beth Flynn

Rating: 5 + stars


Beth Flynn always seems to blow me away with her stories and her writing. I have read everything Beth has written and loved it all. This book was amazing and I could go on about how much I loved it. I was so excited reading this book that I had to read it in one day. For me I would recommend reading the Nine Minutes trilogy and The Iron Tiara before reading Tethered Souls, as it gives many spoilers and there is so much history and background of all these characters that is enhances your reading of this story.


I loved Grizz and Kit’s trilogy and Christy and Bear’s book, so what better than a book about their kids. Ever since the epilogue in A Gift of Time I have wanted Mimi and Christian’s story. And this is where their story starts when they ‘meet’ again after five years.


Mimi has spent a lot of her life living with a secret. Her family is something she isn’t able to talk about or be open with everyone. But one person she was able to talk honestly to was Christian Bear. She hasn’t seen him in a while but she has never forgotten him.


The way Mimi and Christian come back together again is a bit unconventional but it is nothing when you consider their parents lives. Mimi can be herself with Christian and I loved these two together. There were many twists and turns and revelations that always kept you guessing and completely engrossed. There was a bit of grit but it was also filled with romance.


“We’re tethered souls, and you’re back where you belong. Where you’ve always belonged.”


The book was unpredictable and unique that makes you think and feel. Once again Beth writes a beautiful story that has the right mix of grit, emotion and romance keeping you fully engaged at all times. Beth Flynn has become a go to author for me for a very good reason and can’t wait to see what she writes next.



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