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Book Review: Him & I

Title: Him & I

Author: Melody Eve

Rating: 4 stars


I was given an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review


This is the debut novel for Melody Eve and the first in a duet, following Aria and Roman. After Aria receives some compromising photos of her fiance and best friend, she decides to get her revenge on her wedding day. However, after everything goes down she still decides to go on her honeymoon in Mexico albeit alone.


She has plans to hole her self up, get a tan and drink for the two weeks that she is there. But her plans go out the window when she meets a handsome stranger, Roman. Roman is wealthy, good looking and has just bought the hotel she is staying at.


She doesn’t really want to be around men at the moment, but Roman is persistent and bossy but always gentleman. She starts to reevaluate her plans as she spends more time with him. Roman is working hard at breaking through her barriers and gaining her trust. But he has a pretty big secret.


The couple find what they have been looking for in each other. But there are many twists and turns before they finally get to be together properly.


Overall I did really enjoy the book and I thought it was a good first novel. I definitely want to see this couple explore their relationship in the next book.


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