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Book Review: One Baby Daddy

Title: One Baby Daddy

Author: Meghan Quinn

Rating: 4 stars


I have been excited for Hayden’s story for awhile now, since reading Back in the Game and Three Blind Dates so I was excited when I saw that it was finally available.


Hayden is a professional Hockey player and after a rough end to his Rookie season, he decides to spend some time in his hometown with his friends. During this time he meets Adalyn. They hit it off instantly, I loved their relationship and their banter.


Their relationship develops and blossoms and Hayden is a true gentleman. He treats Adalyn with so much respect and tenderness, my heart melted. But then Hayden gets the news that he is being traded to another team and has to move. Hayden is all for keeping the relationship but Adalyn has her doubts about long distance.


Adalyn, however did really frustrate me a lot on this novel. I didn’t like how she kept a lot of things from Hayden and didn’t give an honest try to their relationship, especially when Hayden is such a good and genuine guy. However they do meet again with some intervention from friends and they make it work.


I loved the first half of the book and it was everything that I wanted but I got a little annoyed in the second half. But overall it was still an enjoyable read, and Hayden definitely made the book for me.



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