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Book Review: In This Life

Title: In This Life

Author: Cora Brent

Rating: 4 stars


Nash lives a very solitary life in Oregon when he gets a call that changes everything. His father and step-mum are killed, leaving his four-month old brother without any parents. Nash doesn’t know much about babies but he is now responsible for another person. But the moment he sees Colin he feels a sense of protection and responsibility for him.


Kathleen has been watching Colin since the tragedy happened. She knew Nash when she was a young girl and had a total crush on him. Now she is a single mother to a little girl. She has her own set of responsibilities and secrets going on her life. But she is there for Nash to help with baby Colin as he finds his feet.


These two are brought together by heartbreak and sadness and because of this they begin to connect on a deeper level. They begin to develop deeper feelings for each other but their are secrets and pasts and so many emotions. Sometimes I felt that Kathleen was a little hard on Nash in the beginning as it was obvious he was trying his best.



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