Book Reviews

Book Review: Good Girl

Title: Good Girl

Author: Jana Aston

Rating: 4.5 stars


This book was delightful. Like always Jana Aston delivers a story that makes me laugh and makes me smile. It is filled with humor, sweetness, steam and a lot of fun.


Lydia follows the rules and does things by the book but everything changes when she meets Rhys one night at a bar. Her friend Payton dares her to kiss someone. Rhys over hears and offers his services. They share an instant connection and Lydia feels her first time should be Rhys. But it gets complicated when she starts her new job and Rhys ends up being her boss’s boss’s boss.


Lydia comes up with a way for her and Rhys to be together, and it is hilarious. The scenes between Lydia and Rhys was a perfect amount of funny and sexy and I just loved these two together.


Lydia is a character who is a little naive, a bit innocent but also really witty, quirky and a lot of fun. All her antics were great. I loved the Trooper badges and all her trips to Goodwill. Rhys was also great, he’s rich, sexy and really appreciated Lydia for who she really is.


Jana writes some of my favourite best rom-coms. All her books are a lot of fun and oh so romantic. This book will make you giggle and will keep you engaged. I am looking forward to reading Payton’s book next as well.



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